Sex Scene - February Edition - Black Toybox

It’s awards season and this month’s Sex Scene begins by comparing film and music award ceremonies and situations which it can lead to.  David chooses to review Toy Story 3 and discusses his high expectations going in, the film’s budget and its new characters.  The host’s also ponder as to whether the film is the best Pixar have ever made and if it’s the most important chapter in the story.  Liam goes dark by reviewing Black Swan and looks into the psychological nature of the storyline and explains why he believes it to be the best film he has ever seen in the cinema.  The Did You Know? Segment brings to light some Pixar crossovers and how Steven Spielberg got his job.  The host’s hit into some news, touching on Die Hard 5, Christopher Nolan and the MPAA up to its usual tricks.  In the first ever “Let’s Talk About...” both David & Liam go through the important awards at this week’s Oscars and give their predictions – Black Swan or King’s Speech to with Best Film? Who really needs to win best actress?  And much more!  All this month on The Sex Scene!

We’d like to thank for providing music for the podcast.  Please check out and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar.  The theme song is Porno Movie by Ampsex!

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