Sex Scene - January Edition - Lucky Number 4.0

It’s the premier of The Sex Scene!  This month David and Liam are talking about more serious, but not much more serious, matters than usual and give their unique takes on film, TV and culture.  The reviews section allows Liam to look back at Live Free or Die Hard or Die Hard 4.0 as it’s known in the UK and discuss its meanings, what made it work, the Die Hard series and the awesomeness of the John McClain character.  David takes on a much different film, Weirdsville to review, find out why he thinks there should be a new genre of film called “Stoner Comedy”, if it’s like any other indie flicks and if you should check it out.  The Did You Know segment leads to discussion on getting obsessively involved with a movie, the ET ride in Disney world and the terrible Blues Brothers 2000.  The News Hit makes the hosts go both incredibly serious and also the complete opposite.  This also leads to discussion on 3D and the over-use of CGI especially in Blockbuster sequels.  David and Liam reveal their Guilty pleasures, as they share their love of Sleepy Hollow and Lucky Number Sliven.

We’d like to thank for providing music for the podcast.  Please check out and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar.  The theme song is Porno Movie by Ampsex!

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