Sex Scene - June Edition - Ozploitation of the Scottish Nation

Its summer time and this month The Sex Scene begins with discussion of Hangover part II, Mothers Day and what the hosts are looking forward to this summer.  David chooses to review new Peter Mullan film Neds and discusses dramatic aspects, social commentary and the films meanings.  He also ponders why the climax has been criticised, an explanation for the final scene and the films overall length.  Liam tackles Ozploitation films, detailing their history and the most important films of the genre.  Discussion continues with reviews of the films Long Weekend and Patrick.  The Did You Know Segment uncovers a screen legends large prop collection and what she has decided to do with it.  The News Hit brings to light more information on the next Quentin Tarantino film and looks at some criticisms of The Social Network.  All this week on The Sex Scene!

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